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Try one of our gratis gokkasten

A while ago, a new online casino came to us with a very special request. They wanted us to develop some exclusive gokkasten, or slot machines, for them which they could offer for free in demo mode. As we had never done anything like it before, it was quite a challenge. But in the end we feel like it worked out well and the customer, Casino Rock-Paper-Spinners, was very happy as well. They really enjoyed the games that we created for them and they have told us their player do as well. We can now even call them Casino RPS.

Casino RPS

This casino is relatively new as it launched only in the second quarter of 2019. Due to a very interesting campaign, the casino launch proved to be successful. Further growth after that however, wasn’t that easy to accomplish, but in the last couple of months the casino has seen some steady growth. Numbers indicate that this will be the trend going forward, even though you can never really predict the future. Especially not when it comes to online casinos as the market is very volatile. But thinking positively is always the right way to go.

Banana Bed Casino Slot

For the first of the gratis gokkasten that we developed for Casino RPS we combined two topics that are not usually seen together; bananas and cute cats. Nana the cat plays the main part in this casino slot and he loves his bananas. That’s why he has a special bed made in the shape of his favourite fruit type. You can imagine that all the symbols revolve around Nana’s passion. There’s a nice bonus round in which you have to guess which of the fruits are ripe in order to win a coin prize.

Moving Day Casino Slot

Most people have moved at least once or twice in their lives, so everybody is familiar with moving day and the stress it brings with it. In this casino slot machine from the gratis gokkasten series, the main part is attributed to the movers. The symbols revolve around them and some valuable items. For the bonus round, we thought of something really special. One of the valuable items is missing and the casino player need to guess who of the movers has stolen it. With a correct guess, the jackpot of max 100K can be won.

Handy Man Casino Slot

To stay within the theme, we created a slot about a Handy Man who is also the owner of Nana the cat. This way all the casino games within the gratis gokkasten series are linked to each other. This slot machine centres around the tools of Hank the Handy Man. Sometimes his cat comes by while he’s at work to distract him. Every time you see Nana walk on the reels, you are in luck. As all the symbols she touches turn into the same symbol in order to create a nice win for you.

Casino game common features

Since these three games are part of the series gratis gokkasten, they also share common features. The first one is that they can be tried out for free in any casino that offers them. They also share the same bet limits and autoplay function. So if you know one of the casino games, you can play them all. If you are not feeling like playing on a slot, you can also choose to play one of the roulette games.