Our Services

Software Development | SJC & Co have many years experience in developing bespoke software solutions. more info Database Design and Development | From small scale single user databases through to large scale multi-user databases. more info Website Design and Development | SJC & Co can develop both small websites of a few pages through to large websites with hundreds of pages. more info IT Homeworker Outsourcing |


  Software support – SJC & Co can support most of the software applications on the market including all operating systems.

        PC support – SJC & Co can provide both on and offsite PC support from the single user to a large corporate network.

        Network support – SJC & Co can support all types of networks including Windows NT, Novell and Unix.

        Remote support – SJC & Co can install 3rd party software which allows us to dial into your PC or server to resolve any support problem.

        Offsite backups – SJC & Co can store offsite backups taken either remotely or onsite.

        Computer security – SJC & Co can advise on all aspects of your computer security from a PC to a large server.