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Software Development | SJC & Co have many years experience in developing bespoke software solutions. more info Database Design and Development | From small scale single user databases through to large scale multi-user databases. more info Website Design and Development | SJC & Co can develop both small websites of a few pages through to large websites with hundreds of pages. more info IT Homeworker Outsourcing |

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We are a UK based computer company in Worcester the West Midlands. We offer a wide variety of computer services including software development, website development and hardware services together with a variety of support services. We can undertake projects throughout the UK and also internationally. We have many years experience of developing IT based systems for both the public and private sectors. We have clients like large online casinos offering the latest technology like bitcoin payment gateway for bitcoin casinos and advanced no deposit casino bonus management systems. Please contact us if you require any further information.

PRODUCTS: Search Engine Explorer 4.2 Search engine explorer is a multiple search engine search tool. It allows up to 20 search engines to be running and searched simultaneously at the touch of a button. The gruelling task of having to switch between search engines to find what you want on the internet can be completely eliminated. For more information please visit the website Email Arciver 3.2 Email Archiver allows you to archive emails from the internet. It comes with the achiver that archives the emails, Manager that allows you to manage your emails, Search to search your archive for an email, Administrator to administrate the email data and Web Mail Services to add a new email service provider. Email Archiver 4.0 is due for release soon which will allow you to archive emails from Microsoft Mail.

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